About Advisor Engagement

Advisor Engagement is a resource for asset management marketing and sales professionals seeking to grow revenues by engaging advisors more effectively.  The website offers resources and perspectives on advisor engagement topics.  Registered users can access member content and resources.

Advisor Engagement is a collaboration of Revenue Architects and 360 Branding & Communications.  We publish articles exploring the principles of effective advisor engagement – essential building blocks for asset management firms to achieve more sustainable and predictable revenue growth. We look forward to working with fellow advisor engagement practitioners.

The Challenges in Engaging the Self-directed Advisor

The consideration process for investment assets is increasingly self-directed and digitally-enabled. Advisors conduct as much as 70% – 80% of their research online. While wholesalers continue to play a vital role in the sales process, advisors are no longer as reliant on them for access to education, information and portfolio management insights. Often, advisors only want to engage with sales when they are ready. Self-directed advisors expect to be educated and enabled online with engaging content and resources that address their needs through the end-to-end consideration cycle.

Challenges in effective advisor engagement include:

  • A deficit in advisor understanding that is hampering marketing performance
  • Getting persona development wrong by not fully considering point of view, pain points and needs
  • Messaging that may well miss the mark
  • Content that is “domain-centric” rather than “engagement-focused”
  • Focus on all the wrong “vanity” metrics instead of true engagement metrics

High-performance advisor engagement helps asset management firms:

  • Reach the right prospective advisors in more relevant and effective ways
  • Improve advisor engagement effectiveness through common thinking, structure and approaches
  • Create relevant, compelling, provocative content and experiences that drive engagement
  • Define and automate full-funnel and closed-loop processes and performance execution
  • Adopt and institutionalize best practices and standardize processes across teams
  • Create sustainable, competitive advantage via integrated marketing and sales

Advancing the Practice of Advisor Engagement

Asset management organizations are confronted by a host of challenges these days, none more important than gaining broader mindshare for their products and investment mandates with the people who are most likely to buy them – financial advisors, RIAs and independent wealth managers.

The question is how best to reach that goal? What strategies and tactics stand the best chance of proving the value of marketing and delivering the best return on investment?
This is the purpose of the 9 Principles of Effective Advisor Engagement.

By following the principles, your organization will be able to:

  • Identify ideal buyers
  • Understand their needs and pain points
  • Create persuasive messaging and communications to reach them
  • Engage in a systematic way with potential advocates
  • Carefully and purposely nurture and track their response

About Revenue Architects

Revenue Architects delivers consulting and agency services using a holistic approach across the traditional silos of marketing, sales and PR. The company helps businesses construct revenue architectures that are aligned with business architectures to deliver more predictable and sustainable revenue growth. A revenue architecture includes the revenue strategies that define the go-to-market approach, revenue systems that enable marketing and sales, and revenue programs for full lifecycle buyer engagement.

About 360 Branding & Communications

360 is a Boston-based creative boutique whose mission since 2001 has been to help companies communicate their strengths and value with clarity, honesty and creativity. 360 delves deeply into such factors as the dynamics of the market, the mindset of prospects and the points of differentiation of their clients’ products and services. The insights that emerge form a firm foundation for the creative work that follows.